The Bonifacio-Santa Teresa ferries are one of the favourite ways for travellers to reach Sardinia from magnificent Corsica in a short time. In fact, the marina of Bonifacio welcomes around 10,000 stopovers annually. In a charming, Mediterranean setting, some of the world’s largest yachts and impressive sailing ships stop at this beautiful harbour. The port is located in the heart of the Bocche di Bonifacio Reserve, a tourist site that welcomes thousands of visitors a year. And it is precisely this line demarcated by this paradisiacal site that divides the port from the beautiful Santa Teresa di Gallura.

With Ferries Sardinia offer, you can make your bookings conveniently online for the journey of your choice. Bonifacio-Santa Teresa ferry trips last approximately one hour. Trips are made by Moby Lines and Blue Navy, which have 2 to 4 daily trips (morning and evening). The routes may be more numerous with the advent of the summer season.

On board you can enjoy, despite the short journey, comfortable cabins as well as an elegant restaurant rather than a self-service restaurant. In addition to the numerous boutiques and shops on board, you have the opportunity to entertain yourself by sipping an aperitif or going to the games room.

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How to get to the port of Bonifacio

The port of Bonifacio is a kind of citadel, accessible from anywhere and well connected to the centre of the towns of Ajaccio and Figari as well as many other destinations by efficient bus lines.

Bus des Plages

Although a purely seaside destination, the beaches of Piantarella and Sperone are connected to Marina di Bonifacio via this bus line. 6 trips per day and the ticket costs only 5 euros.

Ligne de bus Ajaccio Bonifacio

Ajaccio is a favourite destination for travellers to Corsica. From the city you can take the bus for 20 euros, for a journey that takes 3 hours, in the centre next to the ferry terminal. In addition, there are numerous connections to airports and other bus lines on the route.

Ligne de bus Portovecchio Bonifacio

The one-way fare for this line is 9 euros. The Porto Vecchio bus station is located on an embankment in the harbour. In addition, from Porto Vecchio there are several bus connections to the airport of Figari Sud Corse and Bastia. From Bonifacio, on the other hand, there is a connection to Ajaccio.

Book the Bonifacio to Santa Teresa di Gallura ferry at the best price!

The ferry from Bonifacio to Santa Teresa di Gallura can be booked easily on our website Traghetti Sardegna offer in total security: check the price and availability, buy your ticket and that’s it. The ticket will be sent to you by e-mail in PDF format. You can purchase by credit card, PayPal, postal order or bank transfer. Our call centre is available 7/7 from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. for any problems with your ticket.





Companies following this route:

Moby: Moby connects the port of Livorno and Olbia with its ships

Duration: less than 1 h



Blue Navy: with its ships you can reach the port of Olbia

Duration: less than 1 hour

Services on board:

On-board accommodation

On board the ferries on the Bonifacio Santa route, you can use the seats.

Eating on board

There are snack bars on board the ferry to and from Corsica.


Due to the short route, the TV is the only entertainment on board.

Children on board

TV with cartoons or small colouring books for the little ones.

Dogs or pets on board

Pets are allowed on board on ferries to and from Corsica.

Shopping on board

There is no boutique on this short route.

Wellness on board

The ferry has no wellness facilities due to the short distance.

Internet and Wifi

On board the ferry you will always be connected.